17 September 2010

A Cake To Remember [Part 5 of 5]

My hopes for the cake were at a 10, my expectations of how I’d do were at a 2, and I think the outcome was about a 6 :)So everything is set and ready to go, and I’m praying that it all comes together as planned…

100_2056The base layer (the carving layer was twice as thick and just slightly smaller)


Made up 3 batches of fondant in total, one pink (above), one white and one chocolate.

100_2071 The chocolate fudge butter-cream (above) used to stick the fondant to the cake

Carving was fairly straightforward as I had the sketch to go on (see post 1!). I carved out the basic sizes for the hard drive, screen, keyboard, mouse and tea-cup.


It was all a case of putting it together, covering in the fondant and getting the shapes right.

100_2073 100_2074 100_2075 100_2076

100_2077 100_2079 100_2080 100_2081 100_2082 100_2083 100_2084

After that, it was all about the finishing touches. I added mini keys to the keyboard using a spatula to indent “keys” and dots of white chocolate to give the appearance of letters. I added a mix of milk and white chocolate to the mug to give the appearance of tea, and of course a birthday message for the BFF in question!


Two days of very hard work was well worth it for the happiness on my BFFs face :D

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